Dr. Poo Kuan Hoong


With 15 years of academic and research experience, Dr Poo is a passionate practitioner in the area of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. A graduate of Nagoya Institute of Technology (Japan), Dr. Poo holds a Doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in Computer Science, a Master of Information Technology (UKM), and a Bachelor of Science (UKM).  He is currently working as Lead Data Scientist where he applies his combination of research and industrial experience in Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide innovative solutions. Besides that, Dr Poo founded two communities in Malaysia: Malaysia R User Group and TensorFlow & Deep Learning Malaysia User Group.


Loo Keen Ngin


Keen Ngin has many years of working experience, mainly in software development specializing into data science, geospatial and the Cloud. He is currently leading MapIT's geospatial and software development teams. He has delivered projects to major telcos, banks, financial institutions and government agencies in Malaysia and the region. He started his career as an analyst programmer for Maybank way back before the Y2K.

Dr. Yu Yong Poh


Dr. Yu Yong Poh has been actively involved in project development for many years. He has completed and delivered several DS/AI projects or applications. Additionally, He has also been conducting many professional training workshops, which cover data science, machine learning, big data, text and image analytics, Python and R etc. 

Mohamad Afiq Amsyar Bin Hamedin

Universiti Sains Malaysia

Dr. Afiq Amsyar is a dedicated medical doctor currently pursuing doctoral studies in epidemiology and biostatistics. He recently earned his Master's in Public Health from USM, where he actively engaged in research on communicable diseases. His research focused on disease mapping, clustering investigations, and analyzing disease distribution based on geographical variables. He proficiently utilized various R packages for his research. His current work involves spatial analysis and modeling of communicable diseases, offering valuable insights for future public health practices in disease prevention. His passion for public health and epidemiology drives his commitment to making a meaningful impact in disease control. His expertise in spatial analysis and modeling positions him at the forefront of innovative solutions for combating the spread of communicable diseases. 

Arup Kamal

Biotech Industry

Arup has been working with the leading Fortune 500 companies for the last 19 years in many industries including oil and gas, consumer goods, mining and biotechnology. 

His fields of expertise include: enterprise information, data and analytics architecture and governance. Currently he is working as a Global Enterprise Architect for Roche.

Dr. Che Muhammad Nur Hidayat bin Che Nawi

Universiti Sains Malaysia

Dr. Che Hidayat is a third-year doctoral candidate specializing in epidemiology and biostatistics at Universiti Sains Malaysia. His research focus centers on developing prognostic and predictive models for mortality among acute stroke patients in Malaysia. With a passion for improving healthcare outcomes, Dr. Hidayat's work is dedicated to advancing our understanding of this critical health issue. He actively contributes to scholarly discussions, advocating for evidence-based healthcare practices, and engages in community health initiatives. Dr. Hidayat's commitment to bridging the gap between research and practical healthcare applications promises to make a lasting impact on public health and stroke management in Malaysia.


Tan Yan Bin

Imperium Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Yan Bin is a data engineer who has recently delved into graph databases. She is hoping to showcase some capabilities and applications of graph database with Neo4j in R, underlining relevant data science use cases.

Dr Calyn Tan Jen Ai

National Institutes of Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia 

Dr Calyn is a Public Health Physician with 13 years of experience with the public healthcare system and a passionate health-advocate, who likes to think out-of-the-box. She is actively involved in supporting and enabling data-driven decision making in healthcare. Her experiences with R programming include in-house development of health system performance dashboard using R and R Shiny, risk-scoring modelling, and development of Risk-Adjusted CUSUM; her current role focuses on health research data governance, data stewardship and data strategy. Outside of her profession, she enjoys photography, videography, creative writing and learning from people from all walks of life. 

Dr. Hazlienor Binti Mohd Hatta

Department of Community Medicine, School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Dr. Hazlienor Mohd Hatta is a committed DrPH candidate at Universiti Sains Malaysia with a strong passion for epidemiology, specifically focusing on infectious diseases. Throughout her academic journey, she has achieved notable success by winning multiple awards for scientific presentations and contributing to the academic community through several published papers. Notably, her MPH thesis centered on conducting a comparative spatial analysis using R software, investigating the relationship between leptospirosis and enteric fever in Kelantan. Her unwavering dedication is directed towards advancing the understanding of infectious diseases, making a significant contribution to the field of public health.

Dr. Afiqah Syamimi Masrani 

Kulai District Health Office

Dr Afiqah had just completed her Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) studies in Universiti Sains Malaysia and is currently undergoing gazettement period as a publis health medicine specialist in Kulai District Health Office. She specializes in environmental health with a keen interest in spatial and time series analysis.  During her DrPH training,  she used generalized additive models (GAM) to explore relationships between health outcomes with meteorological factors and air pollution.

Wan Shakira Binti Rodzlan Hasani

Institute for Public Health (IPH), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and PhD student in Biostatistics (USM) 

Wan Shakira Rodzlan Hasani, a researcher at Malaysia's Institute for Public Health, National Institutes of Health (NIH), holds a Master's degree in Medical Statistics from USM and is currently pursuing her PhD in Biostatistics. With over 8 years of experience in public health research, Shakira has made significant contributions to the field of biostatistics and public health, having published more than 35 papers in indexed journals, including a noteworthy paper on meta-analysis. Shakira actively engages in consultations and teaches research methodology and statistical analysis. Throughout her PhD, she has developed proficiency in using R for various analyses, including meta-analysis.   


Avinnaash Suresh

Maybank Bank Berhad 

Avinnaash Suresh is a Senior Data Scientist at Maybank Bank Berhad, where he plays a pivotal role under Group Risk. During his tenure, he has made significant contributions, particularly to Economic Capital Modelling, which was implemented across the organisation to help businesses efficiently allocate their capital. 

Prabhanjan Narayanachar Tattar


Prabhanjan Tattar has over fifteen years of experience of creating statistical and machine learning solutions across different domains of marketing, banking, supply-chain, and NLP. With a PhD in Statistics focused on analysis of clinical trials data, he would present some work from his recently published book "Survival Analysis" written jointly with his research supervisor Prof HJ Vaman and published by CRC. 

Mohd Iqbal bin Shamsudheen

National Defence University of Malaysia 

Iqbal Shamsudheen did his PhD at University College London in Statistical Science where the majority of his work used R Programming to simulate various instances of multiple statistical hypothesis testing. He is currently a Senior Lecturer at the National Defence University of Malaysia.