R confeRence 2023

28 October 2023

Malaysia's largest R conference

R confeRence 2023 is Malaysia's largest R User Conference featuring leading industry practitioners and academicians. The conference is organized by the Malaysian R User Group (MyRUG), a user group sponsored by the R Consortium. It brings together Malaysian R users from both industry and academia in a virtual setting to talk about all things R. We will be discussing topics under the selected themes in relation to R and its applications.

A Physical R Conference

An immersive one-day event filled with talks by R practitioners and professionals.

A physical event held in Sunway University


Calling for Speakers!

The R confeRence 2023, organised by MyRUG that will be held on 28 October2023 is calling for speakers. 

MyRUG is a diverse group that come together to discuss anything related to the R programming language and Data Science. We aim to provide members, ranging from beginners to R professionals and experts, to share and learn about R programming and gain competency as well as share new ideas or knowledge.

Please submit the proposed talk or workshop via the form at the link below.

Call For Speakers

More details about the talk or workshop can be viewed here.

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