R confeRence 2022

26 - 27 November 2022

Malaysia's largest R conference

R confeRence 2022 is Malaysia's largest R User Conference featuring leading industry practitioners and academicians. The conference is organized by the Malaysian R User Group (MyRUG), a user group sponsored by the R Consortium. It brings together Malaysian R users from both industry and academia in a virtual setting to talk about all things R. We will be discussing topics under the selected themes in relation to R and its applications.

A Virtual R Conference

A two-day virtual summit of talks by R practitioners and professionals.

All sessions will be held via Zoom.


For this year, the talks and workshops fall under the following themes:

  1. Machine Learning and Data Science.

  2. Epidemiology and Medical Statistics.

  3. Data Management and Data Visualization.

  4. Finance & Insurance.

The R Conference 2022

The R confeRence 2022, organised by MyRUG will be held on 27 November 2022, while the pre-conference workshop will be on held a day earlier on 26th November 2022 together with the R-Ladies event.

Have a look at the workshop and conference schedule and the list of speakers that we have this year.

Don't forget to register and get a ticket for the R confeRence 2022 here.

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